Super Tenere Shorai Battery


Product Description

We carry the full line of Shorai LiFePo4 ultra lightweight batteries and chargers.

The Super Tenere Shorai battery is slightly smaller than the original battery.  High-density, adhesive-backed foam sheets are included in the package to accommodate the slightly smaller size in the OEM battery location..  These can be trimmed and applied to the battery box in minutes, to make a solid fit, and add thermal and vibration insulation. Cable connections can be made either at tops or sides of the terminals.

All these options and sizes allow Shorai LFX to offer a “drop-in” installation for the Super Tenere.  We also offer a 6-volt LFX in the #2 case size, for vintage vehicles.  When you open a LFX battery package you will also find terminal screws and a set of spares, Shorai decals in various sizes, and the user manual.

Specifically, the Super Tenere Shorai battery weights in at 2.1lbs while delivering 270CCA, saving over 5lbs of weight and gaining 90CCA over the Tenere’s OEM battery!

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